Everton Primary School

Everyone. Everyday. Everlasting.

Ethos and Values



We're proud of our positive ethos and our efforts that we take to develop children's spiritual, moral, social and cultural education. We believe that once you are a member of Everton Primary School, you are part of our EVERTeam, and when you move on you will always be a part of the FOREVERTeam.


Within our curriculum, we support children's understanding of effective characteristics of learning, which we call our 'EverTen'.  We continually seek opportunities to further develop children's independence, resilience, ambition, kindness, confidence, teamwork, curiosity, enthusiasm, honesty and respect.


We expect our children to uphold these standards in all aspects of their lives as part of the FOREVERTeam: Everyone, Everyday, Everlasting.





The Thrive Approach


We want all the children in our community to flourish, so we have
introduced The Thrive Approach in order to support their emotional and social development. Our aim is to help your children feel happy and secure, able to enjoy friendships, relate well to others and be ready and able to learn.


Our Thrive room