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Special Educational Needs Provision


The school Special Educational Needs and Disabilities coordinator is Richard Scott and he can be contacted:


Tel: 01777 817350




School Specialisms

Everton Primary School is a mainstream Primary School and is not identified by Nottinghamshire County Council as offering specialist provision for pupils with more complex needs. The school has recently opened a sensory room. The school endeavours to adapt to meet the needs of all pupils.



School ethos and approach

At Everton Primary school we have adopted a whole-school, quality-first teaching approach to Special Educational Needs policy and practice. We always consider whether our own teaching methods are meeting the needs of pupils before considering if the pupil has a special educational need. Every effort is made to ensure that identified Special Educational Needs children have full access to the National Curriculum and are fully included in the school community and all its activities.


Early identification of pupils with Special Educational Needs is a priority. All teachers, alongside parents and other staff are responsible for identifying pupils with Special Educational Needs and, in collaboration with the Special Educational Needs coordinator, will ensure that those pupils requiring different or additional support are identified at an early stage.


Where teachers decide that a pupil’s learning is not meeting expectations, the Special Educational Needs coordinator is the first to be consulted. The Special Educational Needs Coordinator and teacher will review the approaches adopted and obtain the views of the pupil and parents using a pupil voice interview. This will usually result in changes to teaching approaches at home and school without a formal identification of Special Educational Needs.


The success of these changes will be monitored by the teacher, pupil, parents and Special Educational Needs Coordinator. If the changes do not lead to improvements in learning further discussions will be held between all parties. Where these discussions lead to sustained personalised levels of support the pupil will be identified as in need of Special Educational Needs support. The school, in discussion with parents, will seek advice, as appropriate, around individual pupils, from external support services through the termly ‘Springboard meetings’, Early Help Unit and the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub.


Where concerns remain despite sustained intervention, the school may consider requesting an Education and Health Care Plan assessment. Parents will be fully consulted at each stage.



Including all pupils

Our class teachers will ensure that pupils with Special Educational Needs will be given access to the curriculum through the specialist provision provided by the school, as far as possible, in line with the wishes of the pupil and parents.

Every effort will be made to educate pupils with Special Educational Needs alongside their peers in a mainstream classroom setting. Where this is not possible, then the Class teacher and Special Educational Needs Coordinator will consult with the child’s parents for other flexible arrangements to be made.


The school curriculum is reviewed regularly by the senior leadership team to ensure that it promotes the inclusion of all pupils. This includes learning outside the classroom. The Inclusion lead teacher oversees the school’s policy for inclusion and is responsible for ensuring that it is implemented effectively throughout the school.


In discussion with pupils and parents the school works to promote the understanding of inclusion with all pupils in the school.



Specialist Teaching Methods

Beyond quality first teaching the school offers the following specialist approaches:-

  • Thrive
  • Pupil voice (putting the pupil at the heart of our process)
  • Switch on reading
  • Toe by Toe (reading)
  • Inference training (reading)
  • Colourful semantics (writing)
  • Speed up (fine motor skills and handwriting)
  • Dyslexia portfolio screening  
  • Numicon (Maths)
  • Dyscalculia screening
  • Pupil interviews (maths)
  • Five minute box (reading, writing, maths)
  • Zippy’s friends (social skills)
  • Boxall profiling (identification of behavioural needs)



The school is all on one level and all teaching areas are wheelchair accessible – see the separate Accessibility Plan at the bottom of this page.



Staff Training

At Everton Primary School we aim to keep all school staff up to date with relevant training and developments in teaching practice in relation to the needs of pupils with Special Educational Needs in their care. The Special Educational Needs Coordinator attends relevant Special Educational Needs courses, Family Special Educational Needs meetings and facilitates/signposts relevant Special Educational Needs focused external training opportunities for all staff. We recognise the need to train all our staff on Special Educational Needs issues appropriate to their current class needs. The inclusion lead along with the senior leadership team, ensures that training opportunities are matched to school development priorities, the needs of pupils and those identified through the use of provision management.



Evaluation of our specialist teaching

The Inclusion lead summarises the progress of Special Educational Needs pupils at the half termly pupil progress meetings. The Inclusion lead monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of additional interventions and provisions and advises on their future use. In order to make consistent continuous progress in relation to Special Educational Needs provision the school encourages feedback from staff, parents and pupils throughout the year using the pupil voice process. There is an annual evaluation of the effectiveness of the school Special Educational Needs provision and policy. The evaluation is carried out by the inclusion lead and Special Educational Needs lead governor. Information is gathered from a range of sources and is collated and published by the governing body.



Specialist Facilities

Everton Primary School has a range of specialist Special Educational Needs facilities in place. These are:

  • Wheelchair access and specialist assistive technology for wheelchair users
  • ICT based assistive technologies for presenting and recording work
  • A sensory room



Outside agencies

The school continues to build strong working relationships and links with external support services in order to fully support our Special Educational Needs pupils and aid school inclusion.


Parental consent will always be required before we involve any external agency with a pupil in school. The outcome of such involvement will be discussed with the parent and pupil. The school has recent experience working with the following outside agencies:


  • Bassetlaw Primary Behaviour partnership
  • Bereavement Services
  • Children and adolescent mental health services
  • Communication and interaction specialist services
  • Early years specialist support team
  • Educational Psychology Services
  • Every Child a reader lead teachers
  • General Development Assessment (GDA) Team
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical disability specialist support services
  • Physiotherapy
  • Healthy families Team
  • Sensory Advisors
  • Social Services
  • Speech and Language Services


 Everton Primary School can also access all the agencies listed in the county local offer as needed by individual pupils.



Support for families with SEND

The Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Local Offer is a resource which is designed to support children and young people with Special Educational Needs and/or disabilities and their families. It describes the services and provision that are available both to those families in Nottinghamshire that have an Education, Health and Care Plan and those who do not have a plan, but still experience some form of special educational need. The Special Educational Needs Local Offer includes information about public services across education, health and social care, as well as those provided by the private, voluntary and community sectors. Please visit:



Links to other schools

Networking Everton Primary School is a member of the Elizabethan Family of schools. This enables the schools to build a bank of joint resources and to share advice, training and development activities and expertise.



Transition from key stage 2 to key stage 3

The school has close ties to our designated feeder school, the Elizabethan Academy, through our family springboard meetings. All pupils with identified special needs are offered additional transition day opportunities and the Everton SENDCo liaises with parents, pupils and staff from the Elizabethan to ensure all information is exchanged.


In the last three years some Everton School pupils have also chosen to attend six other secondary schools. In these cases, where a pupil has a special educational need, the Everton SENDCo has discussed this directly with parents and the secondary school SENDCo to ensure a smooth transition, the nature of the individual provision varies from school to school and in accordance with pupils individual circumstances.



Pupils joining Everton School

We offer taster day sessions for pupils joining mid-year and a transition fortnight in early July for all pupils returning in the following September. The class teacher and SENDCo will liaise with the previous school to obtain details of existing provisions and approaches for pupils with special educational needs.




If a parent or carer has any concerns or complaints regarding the care or welfare of their child, an appointment can be made by them to speak to the Head Teacher or the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities coordinator, who will be able to advise on formal procedures for complaint.

Accessibility Plan for Everton Primary school