Everton Primary School

Everyone. Everyday. Everlasting.

Home School Agreement

At Everton Primary School we strive to find the very best opportunities for each child.  We are determined that every child will have every chance to meet his or her potential and achieve well.  Children always come first on our mission to help them to be achieve the EVERten characteristics. 


As part of this, we know that children need to be engaged and take an active role in their own learning and development.  Supportive parents and carers, with an understanding of how they can support the child and school, work with us to gain the best overall impact.


Therefore, our home/school agreement sets out the principles we hope that our children, their parents and the school will uphold in our partnership.


We ask children to:

· Take an active role in their own learning

· Tell us when something is not right or they need help

· Help to keep themselves and each other safe

· Contribute to the wider life of the school

· Share ideas about how their school could be even better


We ask parents to:

· Ensure that children are punctual and attend regularly

· To inform school staff straight away if there is a query or concern regarding their child’s time in school

· Support children with home learning and take an interest in the school


· Attend parents’ information meetings and keep up to date with communication from the school


The School will:

· Listen carefully to children and take account of their interests, prior knowledge and needs

· Liaise with parents and carers to understand how their child learns best

· Plan our staff’s developments around their own needs and those of the children they teach

· Use every available resource to ensure that there is a stimulating learning environment which utilises modern technology to prepare children for the future

· Continue to strive to provide the best possible learning opportunities for our children, keeping staff highly trained and motivated.