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Meet the team

Our dedicated staff team:

Headteacher - Mr Paul Higginbottom
Assistant Headteacher, SENCO and teacher for Y5/6 - Mr Scott

Teachers for Y3/4 - Miss Bawden and Miss Naylor

Student Teacher with Y3/4 - Miss Spencer
Teachers for Y1/2 - Mrs Pickering and Mrs Oldbury
Senior Teacher and teacher for Foundation Stage - Mrs Bowers 
Foundation Stage Teaching Assistant - Mrs Fisher 
Teaching Assistants Y5/6 - Mrs Dyer
Teaching Assistants Y3/4 - Mrs Evers
Teaching Assistants Y1/2 - Ms Strickland 
Lunchtime Supervisors - Mrs Evers, Mrs Dyer, Ms Strickland and Ms De Loyde
School Manager - Mrs Bailey

Breakfast and Fun Club Supervisors - Mrs Foster and Mrs Howard

School Chef - Mrs Foster

Chef's Assistant - Mrs Howard
Extended Services Co-ordinator for the family of schools - Mrs Fullwood