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School Building Renovations

During the summer of 2022, Everton Primary School undertook some major renovations to benefit our school community. Our old library had a third taken off it and made into a smaller but more modern staffroom. This has consequently created a much wider and longer hall which will greatly benefit the school in terms of PE provision, assemblies and welcoming our parents into school.

The old staffroom has been removed and a brand new library created in its place. The hope is that this wonderful new and modern looking library will encourage and motivate our children's love of reading even further and have a positive impact on their educational progression. 

I must take this opportunity to thank all the parents/carers involved with helping the school with these changes over the summer. Particularly Mr Lee and SL2 for the building work, Mr Brennan for fitting the carpets and Mr Atkinson for his help with the paint work.

I must also thank our PTA and all of our parents and carers for their support during the last academic year in raising the funds for the new library.

The new Library

The new Hall

The new Staffroom