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25% off M & S Uniform

We have received the following information from M & S Uniform:


I am sure you have heard on numerous occasions that these are unprecedented times and this year we have faced a constantly changing global trading backdrop ranging from factory closures and reduced manufacturing capacity to restricted shipping arrangements and import/export backlogs.  To this end today I have to inform you that we are anticipating delays on our sweat product range, polo and t-shirts caused by all of the above, but primarily by factory closures during lockdowns in Sri Lanka and India.  Whilst we are holding some stocks in the UK, we may face supply issues or delays to replenish these items until our new stock arrives.   We are currently expecting that polo’s and t-shirts will be available during July and sweat products during August.


We have always valued your business and are genuinely appreciative of your loyalty to us in these testing times, so we are really pleased to be able to inform you that the promotion that is due to start on 2nd July has now been increased from 20% to 25% off until 30th September.