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February 2024

It feels like we’re well into 2024 already at Everton Primary School, the children have been learning about a variety of special occasions and important events. These include ‘World Religion Day’, ‘Online Safety Day’, Chinese New Year and an ‘Understanding Differences Week’. The School Council, alongside the PTA, have also started a Tuck Shop and introduced a staff ‘Bring a pet to school day’.


‘World Religion Day’ was turned into a focus of learning for the week where we found out that there are thousands of different religions practised across the world. We tend to focus upon the major religions of Christianity, Judaism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism, but there are so many more interesting and fascinating religions to study and understand.


Our ‘Understanding Differences Week’ followed on nicely from the previous weeks with the children focusing on what makes us all special and unique. At Everton Primary School we want to be inclusive of everyone, so understanding that it is ok to be who you want to be and be accepting of who others want to be is incredibly important to us all. As part of this special week we had a non-uniform day with the theme of “Wear what you love” to show and celebrate our uniqueness and the individuality of others.


Chinese New Year is always popular at our school, so to celebrate the year of the Dragon Mrs Foster created a special lunch menu that included sweet & sour chicken and savoury rice or vegetable chow mein & sweetcorn cobette. This went down very well with both children and staff. Our ‘Cooking Club’, run by Mrs Lewins and Miss Oakley, also created some delicious vegetable spring rolls and our Foundation Stage children created some amazing dragons.


In Class 2 this month we were very fortunate to have Sue Hughes, one of our governors, come into school and lead workshop on Owl Pellets, as an over-learning activity linked to the digestive system. It was brilliant and the children worked so hard whilst making lots of discoveries! Class 2 have also been studying Ancient Egypt and therefore created and evaluated Egyptian bread in DT. It was fascinating to find that some children actually prefer it to the bread we eat today!


For your information we currently have child places available in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6. If you, or anyone you know, would like to visit our lovely school then please feel free to contact me via Mrs Keely Bailey in the school office on 01777 817350 or email:


Best wishes,

Andrew Green