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January 2023

“Happy New Year” from everyone at Everton Primary School!


What a start we have had to 2023 already. Class 3 and our School Council have been incredibly fortunate to go on visit to the Imperial War Museum and Houses of Parliament. The children (and staff) negotiated both the train and underground being making their way to the Imperial War Museum where they were able to learn more about World War I, which they had been covering through the book ‘War Horse’ written by Michael Morpurgo. From there the children walked to the Houses of Parliament. Within the Houses of Parliament, the children were shown around by tour guides learning about the history of the building, how parliament operates and democratic representation. The children got to sit within both the House Commons and the House of Lords listening to MPs and Lords and Baronesses debating over current ‘bills’. After that the children enjoyed a workshop at the Education Centre within the Houses of Parliament where they took part in debating and passing their own laws. We were then joined by our Bassetlaw MP – Brendan Clarke-Smith – who a very good sport answering all of the children’s questions about his time in politics, and Phil Bingham from Universal Coatings based in Misterton, whose company has done a lot of the recent restoration work on the Elizabeth Tower itself and Big Ben. I must take this opportunity to thank Brendan Clarke-Smith MP, Phil Bingham, the staff at the Houses of Parliament, our own school staff and most importantly the Class 3 children and School Council members who made it such a lovely trip.


Our Class 2 children have also taken part in a school trip – a visit to the Bassetlaw Museum. Here the children in Years 3 and 4 looked at how the Roman slaves made clay pots for their masters; made their own clay pots; looked at real and replica items from the Roman times; investigated different parts of a gladiator uniform; and imitated a Roman wedding. Again, thank you to both the Bassetlaw Museum and school staff for making it such a wonderfully informative and enjoyable school visit.


Elsewhere in school Class 1 have started their ‘Pirates’ topic: exploring Blackbeard’s life as a pirate and creating WANTED Posters for him; researching maps of the UK as geographers; ‘hot-seating’ as Anne Bonny; and attending a Water Safety talk from the Canal and River Trust. Our EYFS children also took part in the Water Safety talk, whilst also focusing on Chinese New Year – the year of the rabbit – and creating lanterns; joining a Scholastic Schools Live storytelling of ‘I love Chinese New Year’ by author Eva Wong Nava; and got to taste Chinese food and learning to use chopsticks!


As I am sure you’re aware, and you have just read, Everton Primary School is a lovely village school with a very capable, kind and caring staff. If you, or anyone you know, have preschool or primary aged children and would like to make visit to look around our school with a view to attending, we currently have a space in each of our Nursery, Reception, Year 4 and Year 5 age groups.


Best Wishes for this new year,

Andrew Green