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March 2022

On Thursday 3rd March 2022 the children of Everton Primary School took part in ‘World Book Day’, dressing up as their favourite book character. We were very fortunate to have a professional author – Gavin Extence – come into our school and discuss his life and career to date as an author, as well as give valuable advice and techniques to the children about their reading and writing in the future. The children also mixed year groups and spent time reading to and listening to each other read which was lovely to see.  During the day, the school raised a total of £299.50 from the sale of second-hand books donated by the school stakeholders and people in the village (thank you) and cakes freshly baked by the PTA. This money we will be put towards the purchasing of new books for school – we are aiming to raise another £700 over the course of the year to use towards our library books project.


On 1st March the children of Class 2 went to watch a special theatre production of the Roald Dahl classic ‘Matilda’ at the Retford Oaks Academy. The Year 3 and 4 children have been studying the text in class, so it was wonderful for them to experience the book come to life first hand via their secondary school aged peers.


Recently in school, all the children have taken part in a ‘Road Safety Workshop’. Our Foundation children focused on ‘Stop Look Listen’ and holding hands whilst near busy roads; The Year 1 and 2 children did a true false game which concentrated on safer pedestrian behaviour; Years 3 and 4 looked at ‘in-car safety’; and Year 5 and 6 looked at how important seatbelts are and how they work, as well as walking on their own, safer pedestrian behaviour, safer crossing points and how to cross safely between parked cars when there is no other option. As you can imagine, all these items were very useful and worthwhile for the children to learn and understand for the own safety.


Finally, Everton Primary School’s PTA have created two fundraising initiatives that are now up and running in school if anyone from the local community can help and support us:
1. We have an 'ink bin' in school to collect old ink cartridges from small personal printers (unfortunately we can’t collect the larger toner cartridges). If you have any, or when you finish with the ones that you have got, then please send them into school.
2. There is also a box in school to collect any unwanted foreign currency (notes and coins) from any country. This will be divided into different currencies and exchanged for GBP and put towards our school’s library project mentioned above. If coins and/or notes could be put into a sealed envelope or in a sealed/tied bag, then this would help.


Many thanks in advance.


Best Wishes,

Andrew Green