Everton Primary School

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School Closures


Dear Parents,


Thank you so much for working with us and being patient as we responded to the announcement about school closures yesterday. We have now allocated places to children of parents who are critical workers and need a place; all parents who have responded to us have had an email informing them what will happen.


We're trying to keep the home and school learning offer as close as possible and we need you to engage with your child's teacher via ClassDojo and Zoom, following the timetables set by them when live lessons are happening. If your child misses sessions, we will not be able to repeat these sessions.


We are working to ensure a consistent learning experience so that when school re-opens to all children we can continue our learning together. We do not want any of our children to fall behind and very much value working with you to ensure that our children get the best experience.


If you need anything at all you can contact us in the usual ways.


Stay safe, and very best wishes,


Paul Higginbottom

Head teacher