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November 2022

Since the October half term we have been really busy in trying to make our learning ‘real’ for the children. This has meant giving the children experiences and lessons that they can experience first hand and gain ‘cultural capital’ from.


Our Class 3 (Year 5 & 6) children had a wonderful residential visit to Hagg Farm. The children experienced lovely nature walks, caving, canoeing and combat the nightline course and cooking marshmallows on a campfire. In addition to this, the children learnt about nature, rivers and how to be more independent away from home.


In the run up to Bonfire Night we were visited by the Misterton Fire Service who spoke to us about fire safety. We also discussed the history of Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot, including its religious origins and disagreements between Protestants and Catholics.


Building up to Remembrance Day, we were very fortunate to have John Millin in school for an extended assembly and to play his bagpipes as the children left school. John Millin is the son of the late Bill Millin, who fearlessly played his pipes while allied troops scrambled onto Sword Beach. Bill was a Canadian musician and was the personal piper to Simon Fraser, 15th Lord Lovat (Commander of the British 1 Special Service Brigade at D-Day). Bill was made more infamous by the war film ‘The Longest Day’. John works really hard to keep the memory of his late father alive. Sadly, Bill died before he could see the unveiling of his statue in Normandy but his son, John, and his Grandson were invited to play. He has met many dignitaries and recently appeared on The One Show.

On Monday 14th November our children wore odd socks to signal the start of Anti-bullying Week. The children have been thinking about what bullying is, the different types of bullying, how it can make them feel and who they should speak to if they are upset.


Throughout the month of November Miss Oakley has been hosting 'Starbooks' coffee mornings in school for parents and carers to learn about our phonics scheme – Unlocking Letters and Sounds, read with their children in our new library and hall, as well as complete a book reviews together. This has been enjoyed by parents, carers and staff alike.


As I am sure you’re aware, at Everton Primary School we are very fortunate to have a lovely village school with a very capable, kind and caring staff. If you, or anyone you know, have preschool or primary aged children and would like to make visit to look around our school with a view to attending, we currently have a space in each of our Nursery, Reception, Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 age groups.


Finally, a reminder that our PTA have set up an Everton Primary School lottery and the first draw will be taking place on Saturday 3rd December. The link for tickets if you wish to take part is:



Best Wishes,

Andrew Green