Everton Primary School

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School News


We’re all so grateful for your continued support during this term. It has been wonderful to see
children learning in school again – they’ve coped really well. In partnership, we will continue to
ensure that our children have the best possible chances in these strange times. There are just one
or two things to update you about, so please take a moment to find out about our latest news:

Parent and Teacher Meetings
Meetings for parents and teachers will go ahead with a slight difference this term. Either just
before or after half term, telephone or Zoom calls will be arranged so that teachers and parents can
meet to update each other regarding children’s progress so far this school year. You’ll be notified
when appointments for your child’s class become bookable via ParentMail as usual and, as before,
appointments will be available throughout the day (9am-5:30pm) so that the teacher can be
available at a time which works for you. If you also want to talk to me about any part of your child’s
time in school, please email or telephone Mrs Bailey in the school office to arrange an

Miss Bawden
We have informed the children and parents in class 2 that Miss Bawden and her partner are
expecting a baby. We will keep you updated with information about who will cover Miss Bawden’s
maternity leave but for now, we send Miss Bawden and her partner our very best wishes.

Morning and the end of school day routines
Thank you for adhering to requirements at the start and the end of the day. There’s one or two
extra things you could do to make things work even more smoothly:
• Please do not stop your car along the road outside school to let a child in or out of the car
• Please give way to children on the pavement – there seems to be bottlenecks of people
waiting to wave, causing other children to need to walk on the road to maintain distancing
• Please do not park on or opposite the yellow lines outside school. In an ideal world these
lines would be painted on both sides of the road because it is just as dangerous to park
opposite them as on them.
Thank you for helping to keep everyone safe.

School Logo
As you’ll see on this letter, we have a wonderful new school logo. This was designed by McGuigan
designs of Everton – it has been great to work with a local company to establish new and modern
branding for our school. In time, the logo will appear on new uniform items but for now please do
not worry that the old logo is on children’s clothing and book bags – we know it will be around for a

Please continue to talk to us if you’re unsure whether your child should be in school because of
possible symptoms. We should be informed of all absences by a call to the school telephone
number, and not via a message on ClassDojo. Due to the part-time working of almost all staff,
Class Dojo isn’t a reliable method of ensuring that we know whether we’ve been informed of a
child’s absence. Thank you for your understanding.

Children missing school because of isolation
We are continuing to develop and refine our procedures for any future periods of distance learning
and will soon be launching a new digital platform which will support this. In the meantime,
teachers will, where possible, set work via portfolio on ClassDojo for children who are well but need
to isolate. We need you to work with us in those instances to support your child to keep up with
class work. If a class needs to be sent home, their teacher(s) will set work daily via portfolio and
teaching might include live learning, as previously. We’ll communicate exact plans if and when it
becomes necessary to implement them. If you have difficulties accessing online learning for any
reason, please contact me via the school office and we will do our best to support you.

Cooler weather
We’ve already noticed on the recent cooler days that keeping classrooms well-ventilated is, rather
obviously, meaning that the classrooms are not as warm as we’d like! Therefore, we’re sure that
you will want to send extra layers when the days are cold. The heating is on, we’re not being mean,
but we must ensure that rooms are really well ventilated!
I think that’s all for now. Please do get in touch if we can do anything to make your child’s time in
school even better.